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Tokyo Mew Mew: A La Carte

Help the mew mew's fight against the aliens and other criminals running a muck in Tokyo, Japan. Be a mew, be a hero, or be evil!? The choice is up to you!!!
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February 2019
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Tue 19 Jun 2012, 8:53 am by Toxin Vulpe

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 Rules for Mew mew A La Carte! {READ BEFORE STARTING}

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Toxin Vulpe
Toxin Vulpe

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PostSubject: Rules for Mew mew A La Carte! {READ BEFORE STARTING}   Tue 05 Jun 2012, 5:44 pm

1. Be courteous to one another! You should treat every single member in a respectful way. Treat others the way you want to be treated. I don't want any bullying or awful words passed around here. Yes the site is rated M for mature, but don't use them to be mean. Sever consequences will be served if this rule is broken.

2. Try to keep things to a stable level regarding language. Trust me when I say this, there are people younger then you on here.

3. Try your best to be literate. Roleplay posts must have a minimum of four sentences. NO one liners!!! Also, please keep texting quotes in OOC (). I don't want to see them in roleplays.

4. Do not spam, troll or flame. This includes cyber bullying. If you need to post twice, use the edit button.

5. We understand that at times life gets kind of hectic, but make an effort to be online! If you're never on, how will you get in on the fun of roleplaying?

6. Do not fight each other. If you feel the need to argue, please take it to private messages. Do not fight in the chatbox. This is NOT the use of the chatbox. Any fights in the chatbox that escalate and repeat over and over will result in bans and the eventual removal of the chatbox.

7. Multiple accounts are not allowed. If found with a double account, one of your accounts will be banned, and the other will be deleted. And don't think that you won't get caught because your IP address will say it all in the administration panel to the admins. Trust me: we will know, and we will confront you about it.

8. Do not try to find loop holes in the rules.

9. There is no excuse for breaking the Rules. Regardless of whether you had a rough day at school, or got into a fight, or are just not feeling too great, you should still abide by the Rules. If you feel you cannot be online without breaking the Rules, then do yourself a favor, as well as everyone else, and take a break.

10. Do not post on behalf of a banned user.

11. Try to keep all public and visible roleplaying to an appropriate level. Take anything that will escalate into an inappropriate state into PMs, emails, or any other messaging systems. You can also put in bold letters that the posts will get rated M! But don't forget we ALL can see it!

Role Play Related

1. No God Modding.

2. No Reverse God Modding.

3. No Mary-Sue: What is it? Basically making your character too perfect. Like a Superman whose ONLY weakness is a green rock from space which is impossible and doesn't exist. See what I'm saying? Not really fair. So don't make your character a god/goddess.

If these rules are broken, we will take appropriate actions. Please inform us if someone has decided to break one of these rules. Also, if you have any questions shoot us a message!

Thank you for your cooperation!

Sincerely, The Staff
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Toxin Vulpe
Toxin Vulpe

Posts : 70
Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: Rules for Mew mew A La Carte! {READ BEFORE STARTING}   Tue 19 Jun 2012, 8:53 am


Please make your username your characters name!!!! Otherwise I WILL change it myself or delete your profile. Thank you!!!

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Rules for Mew mew A La Carte! {READ BEFORE STARTING}
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